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Welcome to The 2018 PenCraft Awards!

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The 2018 PenCraft Award is opened to all books with an ISBN and published between 2015 and 2017 and reviewed by during the year 2017. All books reviewed by will be considered for a PenCraft award for the year they were submitted. There are no additional forms to fill out other than what is required by for the submission of a book for review. There are also no additional fees to pay to be considered for the PenCraft Award.

The PenCraft award recipients will benefit from announcements to the media of their award winning books. National Press Releases will be made for all 1st place winners.

The Annual "PenCraft" Award winners are announced in Septermber of each year to coincide with the beginning of the Holiday season. A book award sets your book apart from its competition and the Holiday season is certainly a time when additional recognition for your work benefits book sales.

Promote Your Title as an Award-Winning Book: As a PenCraft Award winner you will have the right to highlight your award on your book cover, website, and marketing material. Award stickers will be available for purchase for all PenCraft Award winners in each category.

We welcome your questions, comments and ideas! Simply e-mail us for an immediate response.

Mark Wulf

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