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Contract City

Contract City by Mark Falkin is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2021. Sara P Chrisite is a young girl living in Tulsa (a privitized city) with aspirations to move to LA and attend film school. Her camera is with her at all times-ready to shoot anything that might aid Sara in attaining her dreams. There is a tag - WH2RR?? popping up everywhere in Tulsa and ...

Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters

Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters is the story of young Freddy Fumple. The book opens with Freddy and his family moving to a new neighborhood. He and his sister set out the first day to meet the neighborhood kids. Freddy is not exactly the type that just fits in with this group of boys - and there it all begins for Freddy. From this point on you ...

The Street Rod Mystery

The Street Rod Mystery by Judy Iverson takes place at a Classic Car show - Back to the Fifites - at the State Fair Grounds. There are thousands of cars and entrants and spectators. Among those is a killer - lurking and searching for the next victim to fall prey to murder. A teenage girl comes up missing and everyone begins the search for her - ...

Miller's View

Miller's View by M. W. Potts is the story of a young and upcoming detective - Jonathan Miller. He resides and works in Hammond, Louisiana. There is a murder in Hammond of a PI - Daniel Edwards. Miller is assigned the case. Miller is a fourth generation detective and quite the rising star of his department. Miller and his partner Branson ...

Tomorrow' End

Tomorrow's End by G. R. Morris is the story of a Savior - Kevin Knight, a young teenage boy that has been told his entire life that he will be the Savior. Kevin's life has been less than perfect--his stepfather makes sure of that. In Tomorrow's End you will become acquainted with aliens, changelings and a variety of other characters. ...

Good Americans

Good Americans by Tejas Desai offers devastatingly passionate portraits of individuals who represent today's jaded citizenry of America's society. It's a collection of stories about the great diversity that exist in America and how it effects the very fabric of our nation. With the world reeling from bloody conflicts driven by the unacceptance ...

It Won't Always Be This Great

It Won't Always Be This Great by Peter Mehlman is one man's story of mid-life crisis. The story is told by a narrator - a podiatrist - who by the way is the man in crisis. He has a lovely wife and two children that he adores. All is rocking along just fine until he throws a jar of horseradish through a store window. The hurling of this ...

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect by Diane Daniels Manning is the Story of Bess (70) and Benny (14). Bess has a life long dream of winning the Westminster Dog Show--but at her age she has come to the realization that is not going to happen. Benny is a special needs young man with mild autism. Benny dreams of impressing his mother who is less than attentive. Benny ...

If You Leave This Farm The Dream Is Destroyed

If You Leave This Farm The Dream Is Destroyed by Amanda Farmer is about a Mennonite family. Specifically the teenage daughter Amanda. The family lives in Pennsylvania on a farm. Like all Mennonite families Amanda's are very hard workers and never really question or wonder about their way of life. Amanda's dad yearns to move west--He ...

Lady President

Lady President by Linda Owen is the story of the President of the United States-Stephanie Franklin. Her term of office coincides with the term of a ruthless African dictator that has been compared to Stalin. Bantu Sibaba is taking over Africa and needs to be stopped. If that weren't enough for Stephanie to deal with, she is also faced with personal, ...

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