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War Of Rain

War of Rain by H. W. Vivian is the story of Miri. She lives in a village in the desert. Her village and another have to compete for water. Miri goes for water (rain) one day and events unfold that she never would have believed would have happened to her. Miri accidently kills a person from the other village. Right here and now Miri's life ...

The Avocadonine and Spring Stone

The Avocadonine and Spring Stone by Patrick Barnes is the story of Rey Naresh as he enters ninth grade at Pemota High School. Ninth grade can prove to be new experiences for young teens--no different for Rey. He arrives at school, and like the past years just really doesn't fit in. He tries, but the sync with the other boys his age eludes him. ...

Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit

In Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit, Maria Isabel Pita gives a Christian insight into the practice of lucid dreaming. There are some pointers for the amateur dreamer, but the book's real theme is the role of those dreams in her spititual awakening and conversion. Maria provides excerpts from her dream journal. She explains what happens in each ...

Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story

Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story by Jonathan LaPoma is the story of Luke Entelechy. Luke is 24 and basically floudering in life. His passion is writing and he is well on his way writing a book when he upends all and heads to Miami to interview for a teacher's position. At this point Developing Minds becomes not only Luke's story, ...

Miller's View: A Look Into The Darkness

Miller's View: A Look Into The Darkness by M. W. Potts is the second book in a series featuring Detective Jonathan Miller. After the first book Miller's View we were all enthralled with Detective Miller. He had a case that went unsolved and totally consumed his thoughts. In A Look Into The Darkness we are back with Detective Miller and ...

Insanity by Increments, Stories

Insanity by Increments, Stories by Alaric Cabiling is a collection of nine short stories. Cabiling captures the tone and flavor of short story fiction in much the same way as others before him--Poe. The stories are psychologically on the fringe of manic, terror, horror and darkness. Each story is skillfully written and takes on the ever present ...

Contract City

Contract City by Mark Falkin is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2021. Sara P Chrisite is a young girl living in Tulsa (a privitized city) with aspirations to move to LA and attend film school. Her camera is with her at all times-ready to shoot anything that might aid Sara in attaining her dreams. There is a tag - WH2RR?? popping up everywhere in Tulsa and ...

Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters

Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters is the story of young Freddy Fumple. The book opens with Freddy and his family moving to a new neighborhood. He and his sister set out the first day to meet the neighborhood kids. Freddy is not exactly the type that just fits in with this group of boys - and there it all begins for Freddy. From this point on you ...

The Street Rod Mystery

The Street Rod Mystery by Judy Iverson takes place at a Classic Car show - Back to the Fifites - at the State Fair Grounds. There are thousands of cars and entrants and spectators. Among those is a killer - lurking and searching for the next victim to fall prey to murder. A teenage girl comes up missing and everyone begins the search for her - ...

Miller's View

Miller's View by M. W. Potts is the story of a young and upcoming detective - Jonathan Miller. He resides and works in Hammond, Louisiana. There is a murder in Hammond of a PI - Daniel Edwards. Miller is assigned the case. Miller is a fourth generation detective and quite the rising star of his department. Miller and his partner Branson ...

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