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Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody

Goodbye Rudy Kazoody by A A Freda is Joey's story. Joey is a teenage immigrant from Italy and his story spans the 1960's in the Bronx. He and most of his neighbors have come to America from another country. They are faced with not only being in a strange land, but maybe one of the most tumultuous decades America has ever seen. Joey teeters ...

Prospect for Murder: A Natalie Seachrist Mystery

Prospect for Murder by Jeanne Burrows-Johnson is a murder mystery set in Hawaii. Natalie Seachrist finds herself in a very personal and troubling situation. Natalie is a retired travel writer and lives with her feline friend Miss Una. Natalie takes assignments when asked to work on research projects - at this time she is working on a personal matter ...

Mischievous Molly

Mischievous Molly by Carmela Lanzillotti is the story of Molly-a very cute, vivacious cat. Molly and her human mommy love each other very much and Molly is quite comfortable for the two of them to just have each other. Tommy is the neighborhood paperboy and he makes the unfortunate mistake of delivering to Molly's house. She is definitely not ...

Cries In the Wind

Cries in the Wind by Judy Bruce is the story of cold criminal cases. Attorney Megan Docket is delving into the information gathered about the murders of two women. These murders happened many many years before, but that does not deter Megan from digging and trying to put the pieces together to solve the murders. This is even true when the case takes ...

The Stone House Legacy

The Stone House Legacy by Wanda DeHaven Pyle is the story of Cora, Tessa and a stone house. In 1866 Cora moved with her husband to begin a new life and establish a settlement. This was at the end of the Civil War. The settlement did not last long-drought, illness and fire played a major role in the disbanding. A large stone house had been built ...

Zack's Ranch (Bridleton) (Volume 3)

Zack's Ranch by Becky Barker is a Bridleton Book #3. It features Meredith and Zack. Zack's family owns a large ranch and Meredith is employed by his family. Meredith was previously married to a U. S. soldier who was killed in battle. She arrives at the ranch at a very hard time in her life - trying to get past being a young widow. Zack ...

Five Nights in Harlem

Five Nights in Harlem by Ron Lewis is the story of a killer, detectives and patrons of a bar. The five nights follow the activities and actions of several individuals. Unknown to each of them there is a common bond between them all. They are in the same place at the same time and are very unaware of each other and the roles that intertwine them with ...


Electric Savvy by Blaine C. Readler is a very interesting take on electricity. The book chronicles electricity-not just the different components, but also the history. Electric Savvy delves into every appliance, AC, etc. in your home. Readler does so in a manner that both the expert and the layman can understand and comprehend. You will read ...

The Diary of Hakim Jones: Trials, Tribulation, Triump

The Diary of Hakim Jones by Joseph K. Massenburg is a reflection on a life. This life is one that was lived in one of the most violent neighborhoods in the country-Newark, New Jersey. The book is not written in chronological order, but randomly reflected upon in different times, settings and environments. Massenburg tells this story in a diary type ...

Putting Bungee to Bed

Putting Bungee To Bed by Dr. Sasha Carr is the story of Ben and Bungee. Boy and monkey are best friends with issues about going to sleep at night. They bounce and bounce and bounce - then have no energy the next day to do the things they love. To overcome this dilemma, they must find a way to sleep at night and bounce and play all day. Ben comes ...

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